Monday, January 30, 2017

Second Water ATM at Eco Park

With German Technology, we have installed a Water ATM at Gate 2 of Eco Park. This is hugely successful and there are long queues almost every day, and we've had to post security staff to control queue. Rs 2 coin for one litre of chilled or normal temperature pure water. You bring your own bottle.

During a review recently, I got a feedback that there is a demand for another such Water ATM near Gate 3. Yesterday I went with Suman Neogy and Atanu Palodhi to decide a spot near the Children's Park and Seven Wonders in the making. We would be doing this with a sponsor who wants to test-check his equipment in real life at no cost to us. They will be shown the site today.

Meanwhile, M/s Rupa has installed three water kiosks at two markets of New Town and Tata Medical Centre's car park area run by NKDA. Also, the technical report of the air-to-water magic water machine has been submitted by PHE engineers and results from the Central Testing Laboratory shows that its quality is many many times purer / better than aquaguard filtered usual water that we often drink.
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Millennium Post dt 30 Jan 2017

Millennium Post dt 30 Jan 2017

Asian Age dt 30 Jan 2017

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