Sunday, January 22, 2017

Cycle Tracks

Action Area 1, Cycle Track

We have taken up a programme of slowly implementing the development of paved footpaths and cycle tracks with occasional street furniture in all of New Town. Two areas have been chosen: one, in Action Area 1A, from first rotary or Bus Terminus to Box bridge and two, between gates one to four near Eco Park, on one side. There will be cycle tracks and footpath, interspersed with vegetation in between. The cycle track and footpaths merge with house level lanes by a sloping ramp rather than a steep step so that cycles / wheelchairs have no difficulty. Signages, lights and road markings will be done shortly. I am also planning to hold a cycling event in February. The cycle tracks, incidentally, are being designed by IIT Kharagpur where Dr Debapratim Pandit with his team of young researchers and students have done a survey, and also designed a cycle sharing system. This sharing scheme will also be taken up in due course.

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