Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Street Map of Nabadiganta : with numbers

The street numbered map was generated through AutoCAD today. The next step is to put up signages. This will be done in next step.
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Monday, January 16, 2017

Squash Court and Indoor Badminton Court

The NKDA Board met today. It decided, inter alia, to set up a Squash Court and an indoor Badminton Court along with a viewers' gallery, players' changing room, store room etc under the New Town Business Club. This was in response to demand of members and residents for theses sports facilities. The Business Club already has more than 700 members who enjoy the two swimming pools, outdoor badminton, tennis and basketball courts, gym, billiards room, darts room, banquet room, kids room, lounge, guest rooms, fine dining restaurant, snack centre etc. Picture below is from the New Year Party on 31st December that was attended by over 500 members and their guests.

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Sunday, January 15, 2017

MSTC takes Plot for Office Complex in New Town

MSTC Limited is a Mini Ratna Category-I PSU under the administrative control of the Ministry of Steel. It had participated in an e-auction for a plot of land measuring 20 kottahs for office complex. They won the bid and yesterday, at its Board Meeting, Hidco approved the proposal to allot plot no. CF-18/2 to MSTC. Their Director had met me some time ago and had expressed desire to set up their regional office in New Town. Incidentally, Coal India already has its national headquarters in New Town while ONGC, ISRO, Coast Guard, NSG, Passport Office, DAE and many other Government organisations are in various stages of setting up their offices in New Town.
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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Hidco Board for additional digital modes

Hidco Board met today. It decided to go for additional EDC Machines (Electronic Data Capture , popularly known as swipe machines) of SBI for its Café Ekante, Najrul Tirtha, MWM etc as existing machines are sometimes "crashing" due to over-use by various clients. The Board also decided to opt for SBI digital wallet called SBI Buddy Merchant Account to deal with increased demands in view of demonitisation.
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Bartaman dt 14 Jan 2017

Friday, January 13, 2017

Vector Prescription

Dr Gautam Chandra, Vector Biologist visited various spots of New Town today with NKDA officials and advised us the best way forward for controlling mosquitoes in New Town and with special reference to the BGBS dinner scheduled at Eco Park next week. He advised use of BTI spray, citronella oil and pay attention to two canals rather than Eco Park Lake whose water was examined by him and found to contain no larva. He even gave a "prescription" to follow on a the run up to BGBS and thereafter in phase 2.

This is part of the general preparations for BGBS in New Town and Sector 5: I held meetings and field visits today at both places.
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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Happy Cities

In course of yesterday's workshop on Future Cities, Dy Director IIT Kgp spoke of a new centre on Happiness that has been opened recently in IIT. He promised me to send me more details. I searched the web and found this link http://www.happiness-iitkgp.org/happiness/index.php .

How can cities be happy? By ensuring that citizens need less time to commute, by having less traffic jam, by having zones of recreation and entertainment, by having a sense of safety and security, by having centres of yoga/ meditation/ sports and by having a feel-good look in the public spaces. But to consciously and scientifically proceed further, we may collaborate with the IIT's Centre of Excellence on Happiness and so I have already sent a message to Director IIT.
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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Human Behaviour as a Design Tool

The day-long workshop on "Future Cities: Prospects and Challenges" took place today at the Glass Hall, Eco Park. It was inaugurated by the British Deputy High Commissioner in Kolkata. Delegations from the University of Columbia, University of Tokyo, University of Edinburgh, IIT Kharagpur and many others participated. Presentations were also made on behalf of Naya Raipur and Amravati. I sat through the day and listened to the points of view presented, looking for cues to take New Town and the Theme Cities ahead.

Graphic Desgn for Future Cities

I got the sense that future cities need to recognize human behaviour as a design tool. The concept was introduced by a professor from Amsterdam (Dr Sytse de Maat) who elaborated by explaining that, for example, pedestrian-cyclist-motorcyclists-buses-trains-ferries conflict and chaos in a central part of Amsterdam was taken care by making the zone a pedestrian plaza as humans were more efficient in criss-crossing each other in a chaotic origin-destination situation.

There were many other important insights too. I have requested the IIT team to give a synopsis document.
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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Biswa Bangla Bishwabidyalaya : Design

Gitabitan and University Site
I went to Bolpur today morning with Vivek Kumar, IAS, Principal Secretary, Higher Education Department. We visited the site for Biswa Bangla Biswavidyalaya. This is near the site of Gitabitan Township,  just across the state highway, on the side of the new Webel IT Building. The size of the plot is about 18 acres where the Academic Block, Administrative Block and Institutional Block would be built. DM, SP, BDO and Officers of SSDA, UD&MA were also present. We were soon joined by Hon’ble MICs Firhad Hakim, Chandranath Sinha and Hon’ble Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. Hon’ble CM inspected the site of the University, saw the progress of the ongoing boundary wall works of Gitabitan Township and saw the brochure on Gitabitan that has been developed by Hidco planners. Hon’ble CM asked Principal Secretary Higher Education to give requirements to Hidco who was asked to do the initial design. After the departure of HCM, MICs, a site meeting was taken at the conference room of Webel Building by MIC Firhad Hakim wherein further course of action was discussed and further site visit was undertaken. I returned in the evening.  I will hold a meeting with SSDA, Hidco and few Shantiniketan experts on Monday.
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Millennium Post dt 10 Jan 2017

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Monday, January 9, 2017

Gitabitan Township

Artist's Impression of Gitabitan Township at Shantiniketan

Today afternoon, we held a meeting on Gitabitan Township at Hidco Bhavan Conference Room. Officers from Hidco, Webel, WBSEDCL and UD&MA attended. A powerpoint presentation was made by Chief Planner of Hidco. Many issues were discussed. I referred to my discussion with Finance Secretary on the pricing strategy and that, according to them, a cabinet decision may be required.

Last Saturday, I held a meeting with Union Bank of India on the procedure to be adopted for selling brochures and application forms. Our creative agency is also ready with a draft design for launching the project. Today evening, I got a telephonic call from Hon'ble MIC (UD&MA) to the effect that Hon'ble CM has directed me and Pr Secretary Higher Education Vivek Kumar to go to Bolpur in the afternoon. Accordingly, I and Vivek would leave Kolkata tomorrow morning for Bolpur.
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Khabar 365 dt 9 Jan 2017

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Happy Street in Salt Lake

Sunday morning (today, 8th) at Salt Lake
With Gyanwant Singh, IPS, CP Bidhannagar and DC C Sudhakar IPS
(Photo courtesy Suman Chakraborty)
Went to Happy Streets being organised by ToI at Central Park / Broadway crossing. Great congregation, people enjoyed.

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Saturday, January 7, 2017

First Board Meeting of Nabadiganta Industrial Township Authority

Yesterday afternoon, I held the first meeting of the Board of NDITA at New Town's Business and Arbitration Centre. Other members included S Radhakrishnan, Kalyan Kar, Vijay Agrawal, Supana Datta, Jaydeep Datta Gupta, DCP Bidhannagar Commissionerate, Executive Officer and others.

Some of the key decisions involved:
1. A scheme of street numbering of all streets of Sector 5 was placed and approved.
2. A proposal of IIT Kharagpore of doing a DPR on cycle tracks along Salt Lake By Pass was approved
3. A proposal for entrusting Forest Department for green landscaping of Salt Lake By Pass Road was approved
4. A proposal for floating expression of interest for design of a Town Hall was approved
5. A proposal for engaging Mackintosh Burn Ltd , a State Govt Enterprise, for making food court cum multistoried car park as a design build process was approved
6. A proposal for engaging KMDA for design-build of an office of NDITA was approved
7. A proposal for installing signages was approved
8. A proposal for constructing gates to entrance of 215A Bus Terminus was approved
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Telegraph dt 7 Jan 2017

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Thursday, January 5, 2017

With Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce

With Mayor City of Mississauga Ms Bonnie Crombie at BCCI
I attended an interactive session with Mayor Ms Bonnie Crombie and others at Bharat Chamber of Commerce today morning. I said that we were interested in technology that will be useful for residents of towns. I said that we were in favour of sustainable development.
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