Sunday, June 16, 2013

Drag Race in New Town

The second and final part of a Drag Race of cars took place today morning at Action Area III of New Town. The rules of the game are that two cars participate in each go for a 400m straight race. The loser gets eliminated. Here is a pic:
I requested the organisers to have an exciting car event in winter. Incidentally, we received an application recently from Mumbai requesting 17 acres space for a great musical band show in the first week of December: I am thinking of the grassland zone within Eco Park for this. Let's see.
* * *
Prof Sukanta Chaudhury of Jadavpur University told us of Bichitra Web Project today evening at Rabindra Tirtha. In Rabindra Tirtha, we have the objective of having a leading web networking core of Rabindranath for the Bengali diaspora around the world. A modest beginning has already been made. The second phase process has been initiated. A photo:
Prof Sukanta Chaudhuri in Rabindra Tirtha talking on Bichitra

After the event, I discussed with Prof Chaudhuri about the possibility of linking up Rabindra Tirtha Web Effort (Time Line on Rabindranath) with Bichitra.

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  1. Sir, Bichitra: Online Tagore Variorum :: School of Cultural Texts and Records has done an excellent job by way of scanning/doing LLC of life time works of Rabindranth and archiving the same in soft form. But, we do not know whether they or any other similar institute have done scanning/LLC of our all time great epics Mahabharat and Ramayan or they are contemplating to do so in near future to present us/next generation such an excellent archive in soft form?
    Please let us know on this score,sir.