Friday, June 21, 2013

Land friendly water treatment plants

Yesterday a seminar of eastern states of India was held. The topic was "Energy & Resource Efficient Urban Water Management". At the inaugural session, I remarked that we need Water Treatment Plants and Waste Water Treatment Plants that need less land. Conventional treatment plants need huge amount of land that is becoming scarce. Technologically advanced solutions like SBR (Sequential Batch Reactor), FBR (Fluidised Bed Reactor), Organic Media etc were explored by us. I also announced that we are thinking of a tertiary treatment of 10% of waste water to make it of reusable quality and to compensate this increased cost by fitting in bottled water plants in our new Water Treatment Plants. I also mentioned that we'd have solar panels and methane power plants wherever possible in WTPs / WWTPs.

I also spoke of having SCADA-like sensor device based IT systems that will help reduce water losses. CSE, the facilitators, mentioned that as per their estimate, the water losses in Kolkata was 39%. They also talked about the strategy in JnNURM-II where WTPs and WWTPs would be dealt with together as a combined project in all cases.
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I inspected yesterday the parks in AAI being maintained by NKDA. A new Children's Multi-Ride Equipment is being set up in Shishu Tirtha. I advised that few exhibits required a fresh coat of paint. I also went to see several ongoing projects of Action Area I. Here is a photo of the community market in BB Block of Action Area I that took yesterday afternoon:
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Today morning, Ms Keya Seth, MD of Keya Seth's Aromatherapy visited Eco-Park. Here is a photo taken during her brief visit to Hidco Bhavan before the tour to Eco Park:
L-R: Me, Keya Seth, Asish Seth at Hidco just before
their Eco Park visit
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Here is a clipping from Khabar 365:
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Here is a clipping from Bartaman:


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