Monday, June 3, 2013

Request for Information (RFI) for Space Saving STP

We wish to save land for treatment plants for waste water ie STP or Sewage Treatment Plants. How to go about it? Request for Information (RFI) was solicited through newspaper advertisement. We called for new ways of treating waste water that would be modern, cost-effective as well as land economising - all to be achieved through use of modern technology.

The last date was over recently and seven applications have been received. The idea is now to consult each of them and thereafter make a framework for calling tenders ie for creating RFQ / RFP documents.

This is a very transparent and innovative method of introducing new technology. We are trying it for the first time. I explained this briefly to the British Delegation when they came to Hidco Bhavan today afternoon. A photo:
Me, Minister Hakim & John Nutt are at the far end
Afterwards, the delegation visited Eco Park and were very enthusiastically appreciative about it.
 Here is a photo taken today morning at the Oberoi Grand:
Me, UK Minister Mr Eric Pickles,  Minister Hakim, Mr Wadhwani
* * *
Here is a clipping from today's Times of India:


  1. RFI for STP is a genuinely innovative idea. Kudos to you Sir.

    Saw the latest notice inviting EOI for allotment of land in Financial hub in New Town. However strangely the document does not mention the name of the financial institutions that have already taken up land in and around the Finance Hub. We should have talked about them.

    Also since we have a vast amount of space to market and also we have quite a bit of ready to use commercial space in Finance Centre, we should have a series of road shows inside as well as outside country to market it well.

  2. শিল্পনগরী গড়তে ব্রিটিশ লগ্নির আর্জি:

    ইকো-পার্ক কার ভাবনা, মুগ্ধ প্রশ্ন সাহেবদের:

    Pratidin Report:

    Who is Eric Pickles:

  3. Sir, we really feel proud that Mr. Eric Pickles and Ms. Nancy Morrison of the British Delegation Team praised the Eco Park and greenery of New Town like anything.....they were so charmed that they are planning similar Eco Park in Britain.....hats of to you, sir.....