Friday, June 28, 2013

Engineers on a Boat

The level of water in the lake in Eco-Park has risen considerably in the last week. We tried to analyse the possible reasons for this. It seemed that a storm water canal that brings run-off rain water from  VIP Road, Chinar Park and even Dum Dum has breached a thin earth barrier and connected itself to the lake. The storm water canal is intended to go farther down to Bagjola Canal.
We decided to inspect the site of the breach yesterday. All senior engineers of Hidco including P.P.Datta, Executive Director (Technical), Ananda Ganguly Chief Engineer, Suman Neogy General Manager (Engineering), Arijit Sanyal General Manager (Engineering), Pradip Guha Addl General Manager (Planning) and others accompanied me yesterday afternoon on a country boat to the site. The breach spot is not accessible by road: it is on the far side of the lake, on the other side of the new jetty near Rabi Aranya.
After inspection and discussions on the boat at site, we decided to make a sand bag barrier to isolate the lake and observe results. Permanent solution can be worked out only after analyzing results, and that too after the monsoons.
Here is a photo taken just before we started
* * *
Here is a clipping from today's Pratidin:


  1. The plot price reveals what the investors feel about the massive infrastructure upgradation and future business potential of New Town.

    Great leadership Sir !!! Hope to see many such success stories in land monetisation in near future.

  2. Sir,

    As per my knowledge about the area, before development of Rajarhat Newtown, there were two major basins called Dhupir Beel and Bgjola- Ghuni- Jatragachhi Basin alongwith a number of drainage channels which used to help to drain out the storm water during monsoon to the River Bidyadhari. The area of Eco Park and its surrounding areas encompassing Gopalpur, Jatragachi, Ghuni, Recjoani, Kadampukur, Noapara and Hatiara mouza was the earlier location of these two drainage basins. The wastewater and storm water from the Rajarhat, Saltlake, Laketown and Dumdum area used to fall into this Dhupir Beel. The Beel was again connected to Haroagang, which was linked to Bidyadhari River where the water from these areas used to channelize to the river.

    Although the city is very much planned with prior consideration of the drainage aspect, my opinion is that planners and engineers should rethink into the matter and conduct a detail survey (although existing Bagjola Canal and artificially developed periphery canals play major roles in this regard). While doing so, the regional setting of Rajarhat Newtown w.r.t its earlier contour and natural drainage, which got jeopardized due to such development in and around the Newtown should also be considered.

    1. These aspects were very elaborately considered by best experts including IIT professors. The main issue now is to tackle some local disputes so that the periphery and link canals are correctly cut on ground as per design: there are a few obstacles still.