Wednesday, June 5, 2013

e Auction

Two plots at New Town were put up for e-Auction today.
 One was a plot for an Automobile Showroom. This is a plot of area 39.79 kottahs (0.658 acres). It is located in Action Area II. It fetched a price of Rs. 9.55 crores.
  The other plot was for a bank branch plot in Action Area I. It is a plot of 6.3 kottahs (457 sq m). It fetched a price of Rs. 1.26 crores.


  1. Hello,
    Just wanted to share the URL for a private auto mall near my residence. It houses units for sales, service, collision center, car rental, eateries, body shop, hotels etc.

    I understand that all of these couldn't be replicated due to land/ economy constraints but I hope you like it.

    URL -

    Top View from Google map -


  2. Once infrastructure is there, investments are bound to flow. Good going Sir.

    BTW, you did not reveal which group took up the medical college plot...

  3. Debashis-da,

    You are not posting frequently nowadays. Are not things happening fast in New Town?