Sunday, November 30, 2014

Land Use Plan of areas near New Town approved by Board of Hidco

The Board of Hidco met on 28th November, last Friday. It approved the report of the planning committee regarding the finalization of LUDCP - Land Use Development and Control Plan of areas around New Town.

The LUDCP is for 78 mouzas,in part or full, spread over 60 sq km. This is more than double the planned size of New Town (30 sq km). Th full area is designed for a population of 27 lakhs.

 The draft LUDCP was published earlier inviting comments and objections. About 400 objections were received. Over a period of time, these objections were all hear by a committee consisting of Chief Planner Hidco, Chief Town Planner UD and Chief Architect NKDA.  Certain modifications were made based on the objections and suggestions received. The final report with recommendations of the Committee were approved by the Board of Hidco. It will now be sent to the State Government for issue of the final notification in the Kolkata Gazette.

One of the recommendations the Planning Committee was that since few developers would have to spare their land for road widening for their projects, the loss of land  may be compensated by allowing additional FAR for the remaining land : the additional FAR however should not exceed 25% of the normally allowable FAR subject to a maximum ceiling of 4.0 . The recommendations will be forwarded to the state government for approval.
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Mr Shankar Agarwal, Secretary, Ministry of Urban Development,
Govt of India visited Eco Pak and Wax Museum yesterday.
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S.Gupta, CEO KMDA. S Agarwal,me
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