Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sports infrastructure projects in New Town

I inspected sports projects of New Town recently. A football ground has been in operation for some time and is much in demand. A small gallery with players' changing rooms are being built. A basketball court and a tennis court with astro turf is nearing completion. A swimming pool with a lily pool for children along with a gym and sports club is under implementation. A cricket ground with a pavilion and LCD score board is nearing completion. A photo:
Tennis Court under progress

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Few clippings:
Ei Samay dt 23 Nov 2014

Salt Lake Telegraph dt 21 Nov 2014


  1. Hawker occpying stretches in newtown is a future threat , I have found that vast streches of food stalls on road sides and utensils etc being washed on the road itself , dustbin kept on road , which makes the entire environment dirty .

    1. The hawkers were able to occupy large stretches of foothpath due to complicity of political parties - authorities hands are tied especially when the ruling party themselves are behind this !

      Having said that, I am really disappointed that the authorities themselves have "grabbed" land designated for footpaths and converted them into parking lots ! In an attempt to keep cars for parking on the roads, pedestrians are forced to walk on the road ! Example - in front of axis mall, behind home town mall etc.

      Also, no proper footpath has been built on most stretches of roads along new town, leaving the "empty" stretches open for "takeover" by hawkers !