Saturday, November 8, 2014

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A lot of things are scheduled to happen in the next few days at New Town. Here is a synopsis:

Saturday 8th November:
2 pm:   Inauguration of photography contest at Eco Park (by PRSI)
3 pm:   Opening of roller skating activities at EcoPark (by Ad Impact)

Sunday 9th November:
4pm:    Inauguration of Painting-n-Sculpture Exhibition at Najrul Tirtha (9-27 Nov 2014) (by Art Mart)

Monday 10th November:
5 pm: Inauguration of Wax Museum (from Netaji Indoor Stadium) by Hon'ble CM

Tuesday 11th November:
2pm: Ceremony at Najrul Tirtha to mark commencement of Kolkata Film Festival at Najrul Tirtha (Schedule KIFF Najrul Tirtha
4pm: Inauguration of Alia University Campus by Hon'ble CM
5pm: Foundation stone laying of Vivek Tirtha by Hon'ble CM

Monday 17th November:
3.30pm: Closing Ceremony of Kolkata Film Festival at NajulTirtha

Few photos:

Schedule of  KIFF at Najrul Tirtha

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