Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Najrul Tirtha Subway

With the Metro works going on and with ever increasing traffic, unplanned pedestrian crossings of the Biswa Bangla Sarani (Major Arterial Road) have been closed in the interest of safety of the pedestrians. However, there is one spot near DLF-I / Najrul Tirtha on one side and Millenium Tower on the other side where a large number of road crossings used to take place. An underground subway is on the verge of completion and Minister Firhad Hakim is expected to inaugurate it on 9th / 10th December 2014. I inspected the subway this morning. A photo:
Najrul Tirtha Subway:
The inner walls will depict pictures on back-lit display panels
as an advertising medium
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Few clippings:
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Khabar 365 dt 24 Nov 2014


  1. the subway looks excellent.............
    Cycle and Skating should be encouraged inside the city. It is fun...................
    teens can enjoy this and go to the school or nearby................
    An environment should be created so that parents can also feel it safe............
    By the way it is a green mode of transport............

  2. the subway looks good and was made in record time .. using the tunnel boring machine ! it's a great initiative towards pedestrian safety in new town. May I suggest better signage - instead of one word "subway", the sign should be more useful, especially for newcomers to the Najrul Tirtha area.. eg. "buses towards salt lake", "subway towards DLF / Najrul Tirtha" etc.

    Also, for the sake of pedestrian safety, the at-grade crossings for pedestrians should be improved all along the MAR. Currently the zebra crossings are blocked by dividers and pretty useless - people resort to crossing in the middle of the intersection, endangering themselves as well as hindering traffic flow.

  3. Subway looks nice. Road divider needs to be barricated to discourage people from crossing the road except at pedistrian crossing.

    Any update on finance hub construction for the institutions which are already confirmed.
    Any update on contruction status from builders or institues who are holding the land since last 3-4 years.

  4. What are your plans on senior citizens park. Don't you think we require a subway crossing there also. give that both the fair ground and senior citizens park are not easily reachable for some one coming from the southern flank of MAR.