Wednesday, September 30, 2015

AmCham Roadshow on Smart Cities and Theme Cities

On Monday 5th October, in Delhi,  I and my colleagues will meet the national chapter of AmCham India (American Chamber of Commerce) over breakfast at 8.30am. The topic will be four Smart Cities and six Theme Cities of Bengal.

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Khabar 365 dt 30 Sep 2015

Ei Samay dt 30 Sep 2015


  1. Excellent initiatives !!!
    May I suggest one small thing ? NKDA/HIDCO is rapidly expanding in many areas usually considered private enterprise, such as Museums, Guest Houses, Restaurants, Theatre Halls etc. This is an excellent thing, and my suggestion would be to have in place a proper CRM system.
    Usually the phone/email systems and reception counters still feel as if they are run by totally bored and uninterested government staff more interested in gossiping with colleagues than attending to the customer in front.
    Emails should be promptly replied to and phone calls answered with an attitude of helpfullness. This I feel, will go a long way in improving the image of the organisation.

  2. I sincerely request you to get the pothole ridden service road in front of DLF-II SEZ repaired and ensure better traffic management and encroachment free zones there.

    As much I appreciate your effort with Smart City initiative; I can't ignore the fact that the road condition of this town is getting worse with time - too many potholes and damaged roads.

    WBHIDCO should have a whatsapp number where we can take photos and send to you. You can then engage the right people to fix it.