Sunday, September 20, 2015

Plantation Drive

We are putting plantation in New Town to be a key smart agenda. Last week, in association with Lexmark, an IT company, special plantation took place at Swapna Bhor Seniors' Park: about 50 fruit trees were planted. In association with M/S P C Chanda, 1,000 Neem Tree saplings are being planted in Eco Park (at the ring road on the far end of the lake). Earlier, Hidco allowed several canal-side plots to be used as nurseries to be developed by various groups. With Forest Department, a tall tree nursery and tree bank is being planned in Action Area 1. And yesterday, we took a plantation drive in association with Axis Bank where 100 trees (Chhatim trees) were planted at Rain Forest area of Eco Park. A photo:

Plantation in association with Axis Bank
Eco Park, 19 Sep 2015
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Hindustan Times dt 20 Sep 2015


  1. Could you also use the median in front of Akankha, Sunrise Point, Hiland Woods to plant tall trees like the above ones (neem, fruit trees, Tropical Cherry Blossom etc. etc.)
    The median is currently in a bad shape and has a scope of beautification.


  2. Plantation Drive
    This is a very good and long overdue initiative. Long ago, the Forestry Dept used to distribute saplings free of charge in Salt Lake. The results are there for everyone to see, as Salt Lake is probably the most pollution free and greenest suburb in Kolkata.
    Hope this is implemented in Newtown as well, so that future residents can enjoy pollution and dust free environment !!

  3. We should engage and encourage common people also to do so. Like donate and own trees at places like Eco park. In Delhi, school students have recently planted 1,00,000 saplings in a day. We can do much better than just figures like 1000 and 100. Please push this initiative for the benefit of mankind. I hope the post planting is paid more attention, or else the saplings wont survive.

  4. The idea of owning plants / trees is something, I feel would help in sustaining the initiative. One of the voluntary groups of residents can own this work stream.

  5. One day after this post, at least 10 large trees were uprooted from the canal bank facing Rabi Rashmi and Jalvayu Towers on the pretext of laying underground cables. They were full grown Radhachura, Krishnachura and Kadam trees. Sadly, a few of them were planted by Hidco itself on their plantation drive, three years ago. Couldn't these be replanted through the Tall Tree Rehabilitation Programme? The encroachers' shanties were left intact, though.