Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Bakkhali Development

In order to make Bakkhali a great tourist destination, the Gangasagar Bakkhali Development Authority was formed a year ago. I visited Bakkhali yesterday with Arghya Ghosh, Executive Officer GBDA. We decided to make long term and short term plans for planned tourism infrastructure. I went to Jammudwip too on a police speed-boat. I observed that GBDA had already done few works. Some were:
1. Construction of benches with sheds on roadside and beach. I saw that many were being used by tourists.
2. The approach to the beach was tastefully paved and a fountain installed.
3. Roadside lights were installed.
4. A Land Use Plan preparation had started
5. An office building of GBDA had started

We decided to do the following:
1. Develop the wooden location near Bonobibi temple into a tourist day care zone
2. Construct Pay & Use Toilets are few places
3. Extend the nature trail near Forest Park
4. Survey the bus stand and market area so as to redevelop the area
5. Erect three high mast lights for illumination and seurity
6. Make a bus parking zone
7. Make a Children's Park
8. Decorate street stalls innovatively
9. Rent out an office space of Tourist Lodge for GBDA Camp Office
10. Make a jetty at Jammudip
11.  Hire a launch, redecorate it and start eco trail services to Jammudip by October 2015 (target)
12. Improve roads to Frasergunj Harbour
13. Renovate the helipad near Frasergunj
14. Advise Special Engineer of UD at Kolkatata to visit Jammudip by this month and make a DPR for a Jetty at Jammudip
15. Adopt beach beautification programme designs of World Bank Aided ICZM project now being undertaken at Digha
16. Hold a meeting with PCCF and other Forest Officers on 16th Sep at Kolkata regarding Jammudip Eco Trail

With Arghya Ghosh, EO GBDA:
on way to Jammudip from Frasergunge
* * *
Two clippings:
Times of India dt 9 Sep 2015
Abz dt 8 Sep 2015

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