Saturday, September 26, 2015

Second Apps Launched

In "Smartcity Newtown" Apps available free on Google Play, Android users can now use two apps. The first was made online on Friday 18th Sep when there was a citizen feedback meeting at New Town. Today, in course of the discussions held during Smart Saturday, the second apps was made functional.

First Smart Saturday observed today. Many citizens came and gave their views verbally and in writing. A sample: a) SIM activated help: red button device for senior citizens. In emergency, 3-4 family / friends' mobile will get a recorded distress call; b) New generation bus stop with GPS, air conditioner, washroom and kiosk on PPP basis c) Alternate street light switching off during early dawn and evening d) CCTVs on PPP mode We'll meet next Smart Sat at 4pm (3 Oct) again
* * *


Times of India dt 26 Sep 2015

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