Saturday, February 27, 2016

Drones Arrive

In the Smart City Plan of New Town, there is a mention of use of drones for monitoring and surveillance. We feel that while CCTVs must be put on critical zones such s traffic junctions, there are often many 'shadow' zones which are not covered by the CCTVs. Further, where there is a temporary problem - eg too many people queuing at the water front for a boat ride at Eco Park -  a drone-camera image is more helpful.

The drones, which have cameras with HD output, can stream live photos to the control unit / computer. Some possible uses in New Town:
- monitor long waterfront to see if any crowd is building up in lake of eco park
- monitor ticket counter queue
- monitor if anybody is littering and then impose fine
- monitor car parking areas pending installation of smart car parking solutions
- get great overview pictures
- monitor progress of engineering projects across the city

Yesterday, the two drones arrived at Kolkata Airport. We'd After several grueling hours the models were cleared from cargo area customs. Here are two pictures taken at 8.30 pm yesterday at Hidco; we will soon commission it.

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Khabar365 dt 27 February 2016

ToI dt 27 Feb 16

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