Saturday, February 20, 2016

Stage G of Upasanasthal Commissioned

A project has several phases in its implementation cycle:
A. Concept & Design B. Estimate & Tender C. Letter of Intent & Work Order D. Pre-construction &  Structure construction E. Electrical and finishing F.  Completion of Hardware G. Commissioning & Functioning

This morning, Upasanasthal reached its Stage G Commissioning. Morning Yoga Classes started at 6 am today. NKDA is organizing. Free classes every weekend to residents of New Town. Will continue for 3 months. Idea is to introduce people to de-stressing and energising effects of yoga and meditation. Trainer Aditi De is herself a resident of New Town and runs classes in Swapna Bhor (Seniors' Park). In its very first inaugural day, 61 persons registered themselves. More requests are coming in. On my Facebook wall, I'm also receiving request for extensions of 3 month period !

 Photo taken this morning:

Inaugural session by Aditi De
20 Feb 2016
Located at the immersion site opposite the tree bank, the Upasanasthal adds a bit more of Shantiniketan in Kolkata, along with Rabindra Tirtha, Basanat Utsav, Pous Utsav, Rabindra Museum and weekly cultural functions. 

Building the structure on the lines of Upasana Griha of Shantiniketan was not easy as tinted glasses of desired quality are not available. Innovations and experiments were undertaken by NKDA engineers to make the structure. 

Months ago, I'd planned to commission Upasanasthal in this month. I'd put the artist's impression in the official 2016 calendar of HIDCO on its February page. A snap taken of the calendar on my home wall:
February 2016: Hidco Office Calendar
with Upasanastahal
* * *
Yesterday, we inaugurated the tennis and basket-ball courts of Business Club of New Town. Few ics:

Hindustan Times dt 20 Feb 2016

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