Friday, February 12, 2016

Peripherilisation of the Urban Economy

Urban economists have pointed out that with the advent of IT/ITeS/BPO/KPO industries in late 1990s in India, new age companies disn't have to be at the city core because of availability of internet, but had need for plug-and-play infrastructure, parking places, parks and leisure zones, shopping malls and restaurants which were available at the periphery zones of a city. The city core was still needed for supply of manpower and supporting material. The core was often not available or was congested for the new age businesses. In the CII seminar yesterday, I mentioned that this "peripherilisation of the urban economy" had led to the success of New Town and Sector 5 Salt lake. And building upon it, the State Government policy of six intelligent cities all of which were located on the periphery of an existing vibrant city were launched. These were at Siliguri, Kalyani, Baruipur, Shantiniketan and Howrah where, like Sector 5 and New Town, government land is assembled for building a greenfield futuristic intelligent city.
In fact, I am now in Mumbai, to attend three meetings with top CEOs of certain companies to explain the concepts.
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Times of India dt 11 Feb 2016

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