Sunday, February 7, 2016

Two Intelligent Auto Fuel Complexes to come up in New Town

I met Mr Pritish Bharat, DGM Indian Oil Corporation last Thursday at Hidco to discuss about the two plots that IOC has in New Town that can be designed intelligently, One of these is on the Bangla Sarani, the Major Arterial Road to airport, and the second is in Action Area III, on way to ITC Infotech.

We agreed that these would be intelligently designed with smart design , aesthetically and ICT-wise. There would be Wi Fi except for a limited area near the fuel dispenser (recall that you have to switch off your mobile while re-fuelling your car to reduce fire hazard risk). There would be a self-operated optional fuel dispenser where you can pay through apps and fill up yourself : I thought the payment by PayTM etc would be a great idea. Air Quality monitor and auto pollution testing units would be there. Smart CCTV and Charging stations for e-rickshaws (totos) would also be provided. A convenience store with an eatery would also be planned.

Here is a photo of a pro-type (but he assured me that the ones in New Town would be COCO - Company Owned Company Operated - and likely to be state-of-the-art, and better):

A  modern Fuel Complex of IOC in Chennai
* * *
A two-member delegation led by Debapriya Biswas, CEO NKDA met Mission Director, Smart Cities in Delhi on Friday last. Discussions took place on how to submit the improved revised proposal by 15 April. New Town stood 30th in all India ranking and has been placed in the second 'Fast Track' list. Mission Director Smart City MoUD informed that a special workshop would be held at Vigyan Bhavan New Delhi on 23rd February when detailed clarifications would be given. We would, of course, attend along with our consultants.

Meanwhile, we are continuing with our smart initiatives. On 25th February, we will hold a brain-storming session on making a concept paper on making a National Institute of Intelligent Urban Design in New Town. This will be done in association with Assocham. Last week we held an intensive session with IIT team on designing of cycle tracks and smart public cycle sharing scheme and agreed on some time lines. Last week, I held a meeting with NIC at NKDA to make birth and death certificates on-line enabled. Orders have been placed on-line for procuring two drones for eco park. And in the last Board Meeting of Hidco, we agreed to ask WEBEL to help Hidco become fully e-governance enabled and extend Wi Fi from New Town (Technopolis) to Chingrihata (E M By Pass).
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