Monday, February 29, 2016

Rs 50,000 fine proposed for C&D Waste

New Town is a fast developing township. Everyday, construction activities for new buildings by private individuals and firms take place. In the process, the construction materials like sand, stone chips, bricks are often dumped on roadsides and drains thus creating inconvenience and cloggibg drains and sewerage networks. Stone dust, demolition waste and concrete pile waste add to this problem. Many citizens have complained. Warnings have been issued by NKDA often enough. Names and contacts of contractors have been mandated to be displayed at spot so that the responsible persons can be contacted easily so as to remove the Construction and Demolition Waste.

But it seems, more is required. As such, in its Board meeting of NKDA held last week on 26th February, a resolution was taken that for improper dumping of construction material or improper disposal of C&D Waste, a fine of Rs 50,000 may be imposed, for which necessary changes in the rules/ act will be suggested to be brought about. This is on the lines of fine imposed by NGT in a case dealing with air pollution issue arising out of building activities and C&D Wate (Vardhaman Kaushik Vs Union of India, Sanjay Kulshrestha vs Union of India)
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