Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Communication with Citizens

600 sq ft curved LCD [anel: to be operational soon
Demo video running 

During one of the citizen workshops on Smart Fridays during preparations for the Smart City for New Town, few residents, especially senior citizens, mentioned that they were not getting information on the various events happening in New Town. I tried to refer them to our web site (see, for example, ) or our Mobile Apps "Smart City New Town" but they responded by saying that they were often not net savvy. They refereed to old fashioned newspaper stands near bus stops and posters on walls etc. We, instead, decided to install a very large LCD board on Hidco Bhavan prominently which one cannot miss. We plan to broadcast scrolls, slides and videos including live TV feed (for example, govt events like swearing in of ministry etc). Because of the curved facade of Hidco Bhavan, engineers had to invoke special techniques. To be able to withstand wind pressure, storm, rain and dust, tough specifications were cited by the engineers.
I am told that the LCD project will be handed over for use by Hidco by July 2016.
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