Sunday, July 31, 2016

Kobi Pakshya Starts

Bhanusingher Padabali: Rabindra Tirtha 30 July 2016
As in other years, we will observe the anniversary day of Rabindra Tirtha on Sunday 7 August 2016, coinciding with Baise Shraban.  A month-long celebration started yesterday with performance by students of Shantiniketan yesterday (see picture above). Throughout the month of August, various events have been planned. Details can be seen at . Minister Firhad Hakim will plant a tree at Rabindra Tirtha at4 pm on 7th August Sunday Baise Shraban.

As may be seen, in addition to events at Rabindra Tirtha, there will be two special initiatives this year at Najrul Tirtha and Swapna Bhor.

At Nazrul Tirtha, on 7th morning, the films "Postmaster" (new cinema, 2016, Directed by Srijon Bardhan) and Satyajit Ray's documentary on Tagore will be screened at 10.30 am. Free entry for all.

At Swapna Bhor, poet Joy Goswami and others will make a performance at 6 pm.

Other details are given in the link above.

Ei Samay dt 31 July 2016

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