Friday, July 1, 2016

"Internet Kitchen"

An start-up founder met me last week with an idea of setting up an "internet kitchen" in New Town. This would be, according to him, a back-end kitchen without a restaurant that would only deliver food at home / workplace where anyone could order something through an Apps and it would be delivered to his place. The difference between a normal home delivery service and this internet kitchen would be that nothing would be pre-cooked for quick service (as in an restaurant) so one would always have the freshly prepared food like from one's own home kitchen. Since there were a substantial presence of IT / BPO staff in New Town, many of  whom have to eat out every day and are tired of restaurant food and miss home food (think of Mumbai's dabba-wallahs, I thought)  this would be a good model.

I arranged to show him the Hidco Bhavan Canteen andreferred to the Tender ( see ) which will soon be republished, where one could use the large kitchen space with only the requirement that Hidco Bhavan staff would get standardised food items at reasonable cost (Chicken Thali: Rs 60-65, Veg Thali Rs 35-45 etc, see the tender link).
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