Monday, July 11, 2016

Rooftop Green Urban Farming

Rooftop of 1C market: Green Urban Farming
Yesterday, we went to visit the 1C Market with CEO, CE NKDA and others to see the progress of the rooftop green farming. This would be an example of growing organic vegetables with rainwater, with a coir based root nutrition system instead of earth (earth would create additional weight on roof and would clog drains etc) and using composted organic waste of the market as manure. The plants would be protected from direct sunlight by using solar panels that would in turn produce net-metered clean power. The water in tanks (40,000 litre capacity) to hold the run-off water from rooftop would be lifted up using solar pumps. The organic produce of this urban garden would be sold from an NKDA stall in the same 1C market building. Expected to be launched by Puja season.
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Pratidin dt 9 July 2016

Asian Age dt 11 July 2016

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