Friday, July 8, 2016

Vision and Long Term Planning : 10 years

In the meeting with Alipurduar district at Hasimara on 28 June 2016, Hon'ble CM mentioned that Long Term Planning (10 year span or so) and Vision statements may be drawn up by various entities, so that a city, for example, would know how to go into the future.

While doing the Smart City Plan for New Town, we'd zeroed on a vision statement that talked about being a livable city that takes pride in itself and one that is economically vibrant (see my blog post at ) . So now we decided to proceed for long term perspective planning.

We had a brainstorming session today with CEO NKDA Debapriya Biswas, CE NKDA P Ray, Chief Architect NKDA Sukrit Chatterjee and Dr T N Majumdar of IT Kgp was a special invitee.

I mentioned that the 10 year plan of New Town must stand on the Vision Statement, the fact that demographically the commuting population was twice as large as the resident population, that the Economic Hubs (Financial/Legal, Health, Educational and IT) would play a pivotal role and that it would aspire to be a Green City.

Dr Majumdar talked about the concepts of Global City (see ) and Creative City ( see ) and agreed to help us. He'd revert in 2 weeks' time.
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Asian Age dt 8 July 2016

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