Friday, July 22, 2016

Tall Tree Nursery

With Minister of Forests Shri B K Barman, Chandan Sinha (Pr Secy Forests),
Head of Forest (PCCF Shukla) etc
On seven acres of land on the bank of a canal neear Tata Medical Centre, the tall tree nursery was inaugurated this morning by Minister B K Barman of Forest Department. The project will benefit the Green City Mission of the state government as good quality tall trees will be available for sale at affordable rates for the local residents, housing associations etc. It s a joint mission of WBHIDCO and WBWDC of Forest Department.
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I flagged off a Kaviguru Rally from Rabindra Tirtha this afternoon. 30 motor cyclees and 12 cars would go from Rabindra Tirtha to Santiniketan. A picture of me flagging off:

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Salt Lake Telegraph dt 22 July 2016

Anandabazar dt 22 July 2016

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