Sunday, October 30, 2016

Digital Technology in Eco Park

We are using more and more IT /ITeS applications to help visitors to Eco Park. Few examples:

1> The peak tourist season, with the advent of winter, is round the corner. There is usually a great rush on important festive days like Christmas, New Years' Day etc. Even otherwise, the popularity is soaring year-on-year; for example, there was a 23.89% increase in turnover of Eco Park in Durga Puja 2016 vs Durga Puja 2015. To give a seamless experience to visitors with little or no waiting, we have developed multiple-windowed glass-CC Camera-displayTV ticket counters that issue plastic RFID enabled cards (looks like debit cards). There are 5 automatic card operated gates in Entry Gate 1, and three each in gates 2, 3 and 4. These e-gates open as soon as the RFID card is inserted. This will prevent queues at entry gates.

2>  Option of using PayTM digital wallet has been introduced at each of the ticket counters. This prevents time and effort in dealing with changing cash. There are occasional cash-backs too, given by PayTM. Already this is proving to be quite attractive. During the very first 5 days of introduction just before the Pujas, more than 300 tickets were issued through PayTM. Use is increasing steadily.

3>  Water ATM at Gate 2. You insert Rs 2 coin and get one litre of pure water (chilled or normal temperature, your choice) that you can carry in your water bottle. Very popular.

4> CCTV and Public Address System: More CCTVs have been installed throughout Eco Park. Stone-looking speakers have been installed throughout the Eco Park that normally gives soft music but can be used during emergencies like lost children.

5> Automatic Car Parking: All three parking areas near Gates 1, 3 and 4 now have computer operated boom barriers that are card controlled. A floor mounted sensor detects the change in earth's magnetic field when a car is over it, activates a slot machine, gives out a card at the push of a button and read particulars at exit gate later. Exact, hassle-free payment at the exit makes the experience smooth.

6> The New Town Smart City Apps (Available in Google Play Store and Apple iOS store) gives audio guide facility for Eco Park. It also gives an account of other events in New Town.

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Millennium Post dt 30 Oct 2016
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