Friday, October 21, 2016

Plastic Waste Management

We had a meeting today with Member Secretary Pollution Control Board, chief Engineer WBPCB, CEO NKDA Debapriya Biswas and Member Secretary NKDA Gopal Ghosh at Nagarayan Bhavan to discuss about the latest guidelines on Plastic Waste Management. I recalled that Coca Cola had showed me few days ago how plastic bottles can be recycled into yarns and then into cloth and shirts / T-shirts and bags etc. Photos on my mobile taken that day:

WBPCB explained to us the provisions of the new rules which mandated segregation of domestic waste, charging of fees from shops that use plastic bags and involving recyclers and ragpickers into the process. They would also give us some lists so that we can have a discussion on the way forward in so far s New Town's plastic handling is concerned.

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