Friday, October 14, 2016

Review of Convention Centre

On Monday afternoon, the very day the offices reopen after Pujas, I will hold a detailed meeting with the engineers, architects and consultants of the Biswa Bangla State Convention Centre to review the progress and take stock. We have a target of completing within this Financial Year 2016-17. Wearehaving several serious enquiries on the availability of the convention centre in 2017-2018. Even yesterday, I got a telephonic enquiry from a medical organisation for a convention in August 2018. While structural work has mostly been completed, a huge amount of effort and co-ordination is required to do the finishing works.

We have also started thinking about operations. It has been decided that the Connvention Centre portion will be run, marketed and operated by Hidco on its own, much like the way Vigyan Bhavan in Delhi is operated. The annexed 100-key hotel will however be operated through a PPP mode and a Request for Proposal has already been drawn up and published ( ). The operations will be on a revenue sharing mode.

We are also in the process of face-lifting the canal front adjoining the Convention Centre. A design exercise and survey have already begun.
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Salt Lake Telegraph dt 14 Oct 2016

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