Friday, October 28, 2016


We are making a habitat for senior citizens on a plot opposite the community building of Swapna Bhor Seniors' Park. The ground breaking will tke place tomorrow. Mackintosh Burn has been awarded the contract to build it. There will be 102 rooms and the financial model is that whenever one vacates, 75% of the price paid on entry will be refunded to the occupant or his heirs. Cost of food and maintenance charges, will, however be charged on actuals, on a monthly basis. The plot is 1 acre in size and the time of completion would be 3 years. There will be a guest house with six rooms. The high point is that there will be a hydro therapy unit that is unique and effective. Occupants will be automatically eligible to be members of Swapna Bhor and can use the library, games and cultural activities. The name Snehaditya, as for Swapna Bhor, is given by Hon'ble Chief Minister.
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Salt Lake Telegraph

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