Thursday, October 13, 2016

New Town Puja Winners

The results of the Puja winners of New Town was announced today at the Immersion Ghat at Upasanasthal. The prizes are given by NKDA. A selection cmmittee consisting of several residents and officials headed by a retired justice makes the two-step selection. This is as follows:

Housing / Abasan Category
 Overall: Balaka (1st), Uniworld (2nd), Sukhobrishti (3rd)
Pratima:: Uniworld (1st), Sparsh (2nd), Akanksha (Joint 3rd), Greenfield Ambition (Jt 3rd)
Pandal: Balaka (1st), Sunrise Point (2nd), Greenfield Ambition (3rd)
Environment: Sunrise Point (1st), Sukhobrishti (Joint 2nd), Sparsh (Joint 2nd), Uttara (Joint 3rd), Akanksha (Joint 3rd)
Block Category:
Overall: 1B (1st), Alakai (2nd), BC (3rd)
Pratima : 1B (1st), 1D (Joint 2nd), Alakai (joint 2nd), Jatragachi (3rd)
Pandal: BD (1st), 1D (2nd), (1CA-CD) (3rd)
Environment: BD (1st), BC (2nd), 1CA-CD(Joint 3rd), CE (Joint 3rd)

Most immersions took place on 11th Oct when there was a congestion with many coming in from Salt Llake and neighbourhood too. We decided to explore the possibility of installing a conveyor belt system at the immersion ghat for quicker immersion of idols. I advised NKDA Engineer to go to Mumbai to study the design used during Ganesh Chaturvedi immersions in Mumbai
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Millennium Post dt 13 Oct 2016

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