Sunday, April 30, 2017

Culture Hub: Now Book Release too

Prasanta Majhi, Purabi Basu, Tarun Goswami, Me
Now Book launches too. At Swapna Bhor, New Town. Like Oxfordbookstore in Park Street / New Delhi and many other places, with the initiative of Prasanta Majhi, we had the first book launch ceremony at the library of Swapna Bhor.
The library of Swapna Bhor design was influenced by the Oxfordbookstore in the Stateman House Building at Connought Place, Delhi. There are large clear glass walls along which comfortable chairs are placed for quiet reading with a picturesque view of outside. There is a coffee shop too and new books for reading and buying. There is, in addition, a lending section and a stock of daily newspapers and magazines.
The book release made last week was a travelogue by a member of the Swapna Bhor called "Amar Dekha Deshguli" by Purabi Bose. Mr Tarun Goswami of Millennium Post released it. I highlighted that there could be more such events. This would merge well with our overall architecture of positioning New Town as an alternative to Nandan-Rabindra Sadan- Academy of Fine Arts- Rabindra Sarovar with Najrul Tirtha - Rabindra Tirtha - Swapna Bhor - Wax Museum - Art Exhibitions and Poetry Festivals . And now book releases too.
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Times of India dt 30 April 2017

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