Saturday, April 1, 2017

Highest Taxpayer in Sector 5

Yesterday, 31st March, there was a special budget meeting of NDITA (Naba Diganta Township Development Authority). The Board passed a budget of Rs 115 crores for 2017-18 with a marginal surplus of Rs 32 lakhs. Some of the development works that will be funded from the budget include strengthening of Salt Lake By Pass, Rain Water Drainage Pumping Stations, Extension of Ring Road till New Town Link, Administrative Building, Town Hall, Water Supply augmentation, Underground Cable Duct, Multisoried Car Parking, Mobility Improvement Plan, Reusing Waste Water etc.

We also decided to take up a drive to improve propert tax collections, which accounts for more than half of all revenue incomes of Nabadiganta. Last year (2016-17) I laid a good deal of emphasis on increasing revenue by holding meetings with defaulters, taking up pending issues with IT Department and introducing on-line real-time payment of taxes by netbanking etc. We have planned to felicitate the top tax payer in Sector 5. In Board meeting yesterday, with data updated till 3pm on 31st March as available from the banks, we provisionally identified the top three property tax payers as Bengal Intelligent Park (Omega Building), Forum Project Holdings and Institute of Engineering and Management. On confirmation and revision, if any, we will congratulate the top tax payer and put his profile on NDITA website.

Art Installation in Progress on Salt Lake By Pass after Flyover:
Attempt at Beautification: Will be commissioned in 2017-18

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Ei Samay dt 1 April 2017

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Ekdin dt 31 March 2017

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