Friday, March 31, 2017

Exhibition Area near Eco Park

File picture of Mining Exhibition few months ago just outside Gate 1 of Eco Park

Just outside the ticket counter near Gate 1 of Eco Park, the flat ground is used for many exhibitions and conventions especially in the non-rainy seasons. Now that the Milan Mela grounds near Science City is not likely to be available for renovation for the next two years or so, we are already getting a more-than-usual requests for advance booking of the exhibition area. In order to prepare ourselves for the increased demand, the Hidco Board in its meeting held yesterday decided to develop yet another exhibition area, behind the Japanese Forest. This is a seven acre plot and when completed would also add value to the Convention Centre being built on the 10 acre plot just 700 metres away. Together, ie Biswa Bangla Convention Centre, existing Mela Ground near Gate 1 and the proposed Ground to be developed, there should be a great synergy for convention-exhibition-based tourism in Kolkata
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