Sunday, March 19, 2017

Smart Solid Waste Management

In its last Board meeting held last week, NKDA decided to adopt a policy that all vehicles that will be used or are being used for solid waste management including compactors, sweeping of roads including mechanical road sweeping machines, will be brought under the GPS enabled Vehicle Tracking System.

Trials had been made for the last few months (see pic below):

Road Sweeping Machine of NKDA
Inset: GPS Vehicle Tracking System
The location of the machine is time-logged on to a map and a software generates the distances traveled. The effectiveness of the sweeping is thus tracked accurately in real time from a computer at the office of the engineer concerned.

After trials on the roads of New Town's MAR (Major Arterial Road) for the last few months, now the NKDA Board has just made it a policy to instal VTS in all other machines related to SMW/Road Sweeping as well. Furthermore, it has also been decided to use these sweeping machines in phases to the internal roads as well, not merely on the major roads.
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