Saturday, March 25, 2017

Appealing to residents

I held a meeting with some cable operators of New Town and NTTIDCO (New Town Telecom Infrastructure Development Corporation, which is a joint venture company of Hidco) and stressed the importance of shifting all overhead cable strung across street light poles into underground ducts. After the meeting, we decided to make an appeal to New Town residents to help us achieve the objective. This is as follows and will be circulated soon:
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Appeal to Inhabitants of New Town Kolkata

New Town Kolkata is a Green Field city created as per master plan. There are separate specific underground corridors for power cable and communication cables.
To make the city free from visual pollution as well as for security reasons, no over head cable is allowed within New Town.  Use of street light poles by cable operators is illegal.
However, it has been observed that some Cable TV Operators and internet providers have illegally strung overhead cables taking support of street light posts belonging to NKDA/HIDCO.
During last one year we have been pursuing all network operators to shift the cables to the dedicated underground ducts. Though some operators are taking measures to shift their cables to the underground ducts, there are a few operators who have not taken required measures.
In the meeting held with cable operators and internet providers in New Town Kolkata on 23-02-2017 at office of the NKDA and in the follow up meeting held on 26-02-2017 at the New Town Police Station, the deadline to shift all overhead communication cables to underground ducts was fixed as 31st March, 2017.
Any overhead cable found after 15th April, 2017 shall be removed. To avoid inconvenience, inhabitants of New Town Kolkata are requested to transfer their subscription/ connection only from lawful operators who are using underground ducts only.
NKDA solicits understanding and co-operation from all residents and corporates of New Town in the public interest.
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