Tuesday, March 14, 2017


At American Centre on 9th March 2017
I attended two workshops on Solar Energy at the American Centre last week. One was on Green Buildings and the other on Solar Energy. I mentioned the following :
1. New Town has subjected itself to being rated as a Gold graded city and preparations are going on.
2. As per consultant's advice, it has already started to use treated water from Sewage Treatment Plant to water plants along streets and on central medians.
3. New Town Building Rules mandate 2% Solar Energy for large buildings
4. Dedicated cycle tracks have been laid in parts of New Town (AA1A and Eco Park frontage)
5. Rooftop urban farming was another way in which Solar Energy was being harnessed in New Town.
6. Canaltop Solar Panels and Floating Solar Panels had been installed with net-metering facility
7. Opex based business models for rooftop solar was a better method of propagating solar energy
8. Objective criteria (e.g., use double glazed window panes) rather than consultant based approach for green buildings was perhaps better.
9. Solar water pumps to store water in overhead tanks during the day and use it as mini-hydro-generator during night (think of Purulia Pumped Storage Power Station) could be a solution for storing solar energy better rather than batteries.

My key takeaways were as follows:
1. Hydrogen fuel cells (electrolyse water with solar power) could be a possible future solution for storage of Solar Energy
2. Regulatory norms prohibiting rooftop solar generation below 5KW was hindering spread of solar energy use among small users for net metering
3. In remote areas like Sunderbans without grid power, DC rather than AC lamps and electrical circuits are coft effective.
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Aajkal dt 14th March 2017

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