Sunday, March 26, 2017

Free training to allottees of shops in New Town Markets

Free retail management training will be given by Alia University for allottees of Shops & Stalls
of ten community markets of NKDA in terms of an understanding between NKDA and Alia University's Business Management Department. Alia University is located in Action Area 2 of New Town. The move has been initiated because many allotttees are first generation business aspirants without any traditional family knowledge of the nuances of any particular trade and so have some difficulty in starting a venture.

With a view to meet the day to day requirements of inhabitants of New Town Kolkata as well as for the floating population, New Town Kolkata Development Authority has constructed ten Community Markets in Areas- I & II considering the demand and density of population. The shops and stalls of these markets have been allotted through lottery to general people and project affected persons.

However, it has been observed that the large number of allottees of shops and stalls are newcomer in this field. In order to educate & enrich them about procedural system of running business, NKDA has taken initiative in association with Department of Business Management, Aliah University, New Town, Kolkata. The training would be conducted at Aliah University from 03-04-2017 to 07-04-2017 in ten batches. Each batch will be imparted one day training. On each day two batches will be trained.

While NKDA is incurring some expenditure  for conducting the training , it is a totally free for the participants.

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Bartaman dt 26 March 2017

Times of India dt 26 March 2017

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