Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Japanese Forest Inaugurated

Japanese Forest on 28 Feb 2017 : Minutes before the inauguration

A backgrounder:

A  Japanese Forest   has been developed by HIDCO in 3.5 acres of land within Eco Park ,New Town  Kolkata. As in all Japanese Forest, spaces in the Eco Park Japanese Forest are also designed for meditation, contemplation, peace and tranquillity.
The design has been vetted and fine-tuned by an expert Japanese Professor named Makato Suzuki who also held workshop and site visits with officers, engineers and architects of HIDCO. The Japanese fonts and the scripts on the Shinto Gates were suggested by the Professor Makato Suzuki.
The Forest has now been completed.
An important aspect of the forest is that it is a garden of five senses: great landscape (Eye), sound of bell prayer wheel (Ear), rotation of prayer wheel (Touch) ,fragrance by aromatic candle (Smell) and Japanese food (Taste).
The main elements across the garden are:
1. Bamboo forest: Various types of bamboos are planted in an organic manner to replicate the forests. Lanterns in stone and weathered sculptures are arranged to create a timeless feeling to the groves.
2. Small Buddha sculptures. – Small smiling Buddha sculptures welcome the visitors near the entrance. These are dramatically illuminated for night time effects.
3. Tree Fence - The tree fence has been used to cut off the visitor from the outside world completely and allow him to feel one with nature.
4. Monastery with a centrally located pagoda- An inspiration from RyoanJi monastery, this is to create a space for meditation. The monastery consists of a pagoda also. There are three levels in the pagoda.
5. Forest on mounds- Thick groves of trees are planted over high mounds.
6. Pond: Water is an important part of Japanese garden. A central pond is created with Japanese semi-circular bridge across it.
7. Wish fountain with Japanese demi God – The God of the forest.
8. Bamboo Lights - Natural lights fixed inside bamboo shoots.
9. Japanese food outlet- Small 50 seater food outlet serving authentic Japanese food will be opened soon.
10. Few elements of the Japanese forest are sourced from Suruchi Sangha Durgotsav (2016).(Bhutanese monastery theme).

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