Sunday, April 23, 2017

Simple weedicide

Dying Parthenium Weeds in Action Area 1
Parthenium plants are undesirable, hard-to-eradicate weeds that grow wildly in many parts of empty plots of New Town. The traditional method of getting rid of this menace is to uproot and burn. This is a slow labour intensive method that creates smoke pollution too. I'd asked the Director of Agriculture about better ideas. As advised by him, we used a 5% brine solution (basically salt water) and sprayed it over a 5 acre plot near the bus stand of Action Area 1. Soon (see pic above) after three days, the plants are beginning to die. We will monitor further before expanding.

We are simultaneously drawing up a plan for residents' participation in keeping New Town greens beautiful. Any area in front of a housing estate or a business house will be offered for beatification and maintenance from the CSR of Corporates or Social Budgets of Resident Welfare Associations. A list of gardening firms who work in the neighbourhood would be provided on request in a meeting (to be called soon).
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