Thursday, April 13, 2017

Felicitation to New Houses

At Rabindra Tirtha today 13th April 2017: felicitating new home builders
Photo Courtesy Supriya Bagchi

Last year August, at a meeting in Najrul Tirtha, we'd invited owners of vacant plot owners of Action Area 1 of New Town and requested them not to keep their plots vacant for long. We also announced that those who sanction their building plans by December 2016 would be felicitated. We did this as promised at Rabindra Tirtha today. We invited 90 such plot owners, both from co-operatives as well as individuals. We presented a certificate, a box of sweets, a basket of organic vegetables and a pass for two persons for any film show at Nazrul Tirtha within a month. This was followed by a dance programme by troupe of Amita Datta.

After the event and before the cultural function, I interacted with the invitees. Most appeared quite happy to be part of New Town in a short time soon. They appreciated the beauty of New Town, the Eco Park, the Nazrul Tirtha, the Wax Museum, the ongoing Kolkata Gate, the Seniors' Park, the swaying lights, the organic shop, the cheap markets of Atharatala Bazar and many, I was surprised, asked about the 75 plots now under application stage (till 30 April). I, on my part, invited them to Jamini Roy tribute on Poila Baisakh:

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Millennium Post dt 13 April 2017

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