Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Mechanical Street Cleaning

Yesterday, we launched a new mechanical road sweeping machine in New Town. The machine has the capability of spraying a forced water-jet, scrubbing by a rotating brush with steel bristles, a powerful vacuum suction head and an extendable side arm to take care of the curb-joints and difficult-to-reach corners. We from NKDA have been using these machines on the Major Arterial Road (Biswa Banga Sarani) for the past two years and after fitting these with GPS locators we are satisfied with the performance and have got this new one. This is to extend mechanical road sweeping not only to the Major Roads but also to a major portion of the internal roads. NKDA is not the owner of these machines as operations and maintenance would have been problematical for it. So just as offices often hire cars-with-drivers, NKDA hires the services rather than the equipment. Machinery, or rather sweeping uptime is thus almost 95% because the agency-operator don't get paid if it doesn't clean while the GPS tracker keeps record on the computer of how and where the cleaning operations are going every hour of the day.
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Millennium Post dt 26 April 2017

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