Saturday, July 6, 2013

Adda Zone Planned at Eco Park

Today I went to Eco Park and then to a village called Swetpur. Swetpur is near Barasat and is on the road to Bongaon. It took us about an hour to reach there. Arijit Sanyal, GM Hidco accompanied me. A member of a SHG (Self Help Group) based in Barasat-I Panchayat Samiity metus near Brasat and guided us. The last 500 metres were on foot.

We went to a potter's house. They make terracota pots, 'mora', and other interesting items. We chose few items that will be required to make an informal get-together (adda) zone near Artists' Cottage in Prakriti Tirtha. The idea is to have a waterside cafe with a set of ethnic tables/ stools. Here is the photo of potter's hut where we went :


  1. Its really great that we are supporting the local artists.

    2 points I have:

    1. Firstly we need many more EWS Flats if we really want to reduce slums in the city.

    2. Of late, HIDCO tenders for road construction have virtually stopped. I understand that its monsson time and hardly any work can take place till Diwali (end of festive season). However any tender has a whole bunch of administrative steps ( bid opening, financial closure, administrative appraisal) . If we can finish these administrative work during this monsoon and festive period, work order can be issued right after Diwali and construction work can start soon after that.

  2. A great idea to open waterside cafe and support downtrodden SHG. Decoration of the Artists' Cottage with terracota pots etc. will be very special and innovative. I strongly believe that it will attract all visitors including foreign tourists like anything.

  3. The lake in the Eco-Park is quite big. So, if a floating island with a garden is built on it, it will be wonderful. It doesn't have to be big. A barge could be used, which can be loosely anchored so that the island can float around a little. Though its a bit asking for more, it will still be better if the floating island could get a waterfall. A floating waterfall; I think it has never been built.