Saturday, July 20, 2013

Working in the Rain

I'd been to inspect progress of work of Entry Plaza and Visitors' Centre in Eco Park today morning. It was however raining very heavily and we could not go to the field location. However, close by, I visited the fabrication shed with a makeshift plastic roof to keep the rain away and saw how welding and steel tube shaping works were going on even while the torrential shower poured away. A picture of the shed from my camera:
Yesterday, we had a meeting at the Fisheries Department where Subes Das ACS(Fishery Deptt), me, Arup Saha CEO KMDA and Debashis Pal Planner KMDA reviewed the master plan for a touristic transformation of the 2-3 km stretch along the water body. Here is a report from today's Times of India on it:
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Here is a cutting from today's Anandabazar that took me to my Chief Electoral Officer days. It was great to know that the people of Charjatrasiddhi still remembers. Thanks also to Rahul Roy / Anandabazar for bringing it out:


  1. Dear Sir,

    Today I went to eco-park in the evening. It was great! Thanks on behalf of the Kolkatans for the unparellel work once again!

    Among all the good things that are happening in eco-park I noticed a few aberrations and incidents which I would like to point out:

    1. I noticed some of the visitors are using the sitted statues to hold the umbrella on their behalf. I found one of the statue (girl holding laptop) is broken (laptop screen is gone), probably due to these type of misdeeds from visitors. Awareness and strict vigil is required from the authority to reign in indisciplined visitors.

    Although the park is very very clean, some ad leaflets are flying here and there. Those HIDCO leaflets were given to the visitors by the ZORB group. Again visitors are at fault here.

    2. I found some structures (bio-toilet and all) came up and are coming up during past couple of months. The bio-toilet structure (the one at the fag end where recreational activities are happening) seems quite high and is blocking view. Aesthetically the structure (although shaped as a hut) didn't look as good (barita bes boro r barir chhauni ta tulonay chhoto).

    I saw another brick structure is in making at the other end. Although not sure what it is, IMO the building hardly blends with the eco-friendly surroundings. Again due to a tall structure it clutters the view.

    I am not sure if it is possible to avoid making high structures, but it would have been the best if that was the case.

    Other than these (that too IMO), everything seemed so perfect and immaculate, I was congratulating you throughout!!

  2. If the Nalban area in Sector-V is improved as per the lines of Eco park it would be great - also the boardwalk over the bheri is a great idea - but it should be renovated properly - currently it is in a very dilapidated condition.

  3. Really welcome Change Sir...that work is going on even in monsoon season.

    Traditionally what we have seen is from June to September, all work stops in Bengal and everybody has one excuse that monsoon is going on and then the excuse of Durgapuja, Lakshmipuja, Kalipuja and Bhaiphota creeps in. So effectively administration comes to a halt from June to November and thats a terrible wastage of time.

    I am still not sure how much of road construction work can happen during monsoon. However since we have a huge number of administrative steps before handing out the work order ( tender announcement, last day for submission of bids, financial closure, administrative appraisal etc), I would request you to have all these steps during this lean period, so that work orders for new roads can be given out right after the Durga Puja.

  4. Sir, similar to the unique way, we came up with an RFP for getting ideas about how to create space efficience STPs, we can do the same about doing that for Nalban. Nalban is a huge water body and if we can come up with some unique ideas, we can make it a tourist destination of international standard.

    We have to think beyond spa, adda zone, pubs, shikara, eateries etc. Those are essential no doubt but we may not be able to think of many things that a professional consultant may suggest.