Tuesday, July 30, 2013

No Foreign Server

Mr Gulshan Rai, Director General of Department of Electronics, Govt of India wrote to me recently to inform that a defacer group called "hasnain haxor" had defaced the NGRBA website. He wanted a few further data and has advised that the website was hosted in USA but GoI standing instructions require that govt websites should be located in India.
I'd asked our technical team to look into the matter. The defacement has been removed, necessary web server logs are being sent to GoI for analysis and asked the web developer to shift in the web server.
Today at Hidco review meeting, we decided on the following few actions:
1. All other websites should be checked to see that the server locations were in India or not.
2. Hidco employees/ officers should switch-over to yourname@wbhidco.in from any other form of email for official use
3. Beyond 17.9.2013 (Viswakarma Day), no one will use hotmail, gmail, yahoo-mail etc for official work. Only @wbhidco.in would be allowed after the deadline.
4. NKDA would also form an email system.
* * *
Here is a clipping that appeared in Ei Samay few days ago:-


  1. Sir,

    I have something to say here. Merely relocating the servers from US to India will not help a lot. Its not that security system in India are of much higher standard. Its just that we are attacked less.

    Also network security firewalls need to be in place for email servers as well.

    To avoid security breaches, I strongly suggest we do security audit by some giant in these fields. 2 such foreign companies are there in India. Symantec has office in Pune and Mcafee has office in Bangalore. If security audit by these companies turn out to be costly operations, we can also appoint Indian vendors like TCS, Infy etc though I am not sure about their capabilities in this field.

  2. I think moving the servers to India is a good thing. At least the NSA won't be spying on WB matters.

    No official government content should be hosted on a machine in a foreign land.