Friday, July 19, 2013

Rabindra Film Course in Rabindra Tirtha

Last Wednesday, we started a 5-day course on films based on Rabindranath. Started on 17th July, it will continue till Sunda the 21st July with Rituparno's Chokher Bali and its interpretation. The course is organised in co-ordination with Roopkala Kendra. A photo from my camera during the inauguration:
 * * *
I went to Durgapur yesterday to inspect JnNURM projects now being executed in Durgapur. This was preceded by a regular meeting with all officers and technical personnel of ADDA.

I also had a meeting with CEO, Durgapur Steel Plant where DM Burdwan and CEO ADDA were also present. We talked of many matters of mutual interest. Minutes are being drawn up. We were informed that the board of SAILhad decided in principle to set up a second steel plant at Durgapur. Matters relating to recording of land acquired by DSP in the ROR were also solved after CEO agreed to pay the required fees. I requested CEO DSP to do some creative landscaping along NH2 including an artistic gate befitting the steel town. He agreed to the suggestion.

I went to see the airport town of Aerotropolis. ADDA had posed certain issues for the residential sector of the project. A photo of the under-construction airport building:
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Here is a cutting from an article in Anandabazar that appeared on Tuesday:


  1. On a different but interesting and alarming news article on city administration....
    Fall of a city people never thought in dream...
    Detroit files for Bankruptcy

    I hope our leaders of the country understand that populist measures does not work long term.
    Growth Measures need to be sustainable with proper balance between income and expenditure. You cannot just take populist measures to have to earn as well and that earnings has to sustain over years and not by just selling assets.

  2. The above article points to a chicken and egg issue - which comes first. In this case, residents will be hesitant to move in unless transport and shopping are available nearby. Instead of running all the buses along the arterial roads, HIDCO should consider running some mini buses within the township through the local roads as well.

  3. One bus rout in AAIII till Mass Housing / SP has been thus started

  4. Dear Sir,

    Can you please consider running a few buses along the sub-arterial roads in Action Area 1A/B ? One suggested route (circular) could be Akankha -> Axis Mall -> NBCC Vibgyor -> New Town bus stand / Eastern high -> DLF IT park -> Sishu-tirtha / football ground -> Greenwood park extn -> Home town -> Pride hotel -> Unitech

    This would tremendously benefit people of action area-1 who are living in apartments that are not within walking distance to the major arterial road. Currently the only option is to take rickshaws (which are scarce in rush hour and quite expensive also) or use own transport (which is not eco friendly and causes more traffic on the arterial roads). Once the NG-Airport metro starts running, such a bus route would be very useful for the last mile connectivity for metro commuters.