Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Ground Breaking for Najrul Tirtha

Last Saturday the Hidco Board of Directors approved engagement of Sapoorji Paloonjee as the lowest bidder for constructing Nazrul Tirtha.
This afternoon, a bhumi puja was arranged and we broke coconuts. A picture:

Here is a model that will soon be kept at the site:

* * *
Here is a clipping from today's Times of India:
And a cutting from today's Khabar 365:


  1. Sir,
    I myself have little idea, but still would like to draw your attention to the recent news of RBI allowing several private players to open Banking institutions. In this regard I would suggest you to kindly draw up a plan proposal to the candidates to open up their HQ institutions in the International Financial Hub of New Town. This can be a big fillip to the IFH project. I don't know how it can be done, but I believe you will realise that this can bring IFH to the forefront in the Economic growth of the city. Kindly keep track on this piece of news.

    1. Fantastic Idea Aritra. I think we should have some financial / tax incentive for the banks who decide to open their headquarters in New Town Finance Hub.

  2. Great suggestion. I will talk about it