Saturday, August 10, 2013

Child Rights to be Considered by Urban Development

In a letter bearing number F.WB-11015/45130/17966 dated 17.7.2013, the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights, New Delhi has advised that the Urban Development Department must ensure that while granting permission for the construction of residential / housing complexes in the State, the matter of safeguarding the rights of children may be kept in view as follows:

a. Play areas for children should be safe from traffic, pollution and social hazards.
b. Play locations should be judiciously located so as to minimise noise hazard to dwellers.
c. Play areas to be located near central part of house so that children are secure and close to parents
d. No discrimination in allowing access to children to play grounds.
e. Play area to have provision for Gross Motor Play ( slides etc) and Quiet Play ( Puzzles, books etc).
f. Barrier free playing for children with special needs
g. Designate public playgrounds nearby to housing complexes without play areas
h. Boundary wall and security personnel for housing complexes to ensure safety of children
i. First aid and pediatrician facilities for dealing with children in emergency.

I have given this to the Chief Town Planner of the UD Department and will soon convene a meeting to give shape to the guidelines.
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  1. Vivekananda told us to play football.

    I am very happy to know govt. is taking steps to ensure all children's dream i.e, a play ground around their locality.

    I will be very happy if govt also ensure at least one public playground 100m*70m in every 100 acre. So that teen agers can also enjoys their life.