Thursday, August 8, 2013

First Anniversary of Rabindra Tirtha

Today, Baishe Sraban is the first anniversary of Rabindra Tirtha at New Town, Kolkata. I look back on this day last year when Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee inaugurated Rabindra Tirtha and planted a sapling. Today, another sapling will be planted by Minister Firhad Hakim. Here is the programme - advertised in few Bengali papers today:
We had weekly cultural events in the past year. We observed Basanta Utsav, Pochishe Boishakh Winter Festival, Bijoya Sanmilani. We had dramas, songs, recitations, dance-dramas. We had Film Appreciation Courses, Children's Play Workshop, Solar City Seminar and Technical Workshops. Most of all, we provided a platform for New Town Residents to showcase their cultural talents.
We will publish a booklet that chronicles the activities of the year that passed by.
I wish to add some pictures of this afternoon's events later
** *
Minister Firhad Hakim releasing a book published
on the occasion of 1 year of Rabindra Tirtha:
(L-R): Me, Poet Joy Goswami, Minister Hakim

Performance by Dancer's Guild on 8th Aug 2013
at Rabindra Tirtha


  1. Its really great to have such a nice well establised cultural platform in newtown which is still in its developing phase.
    One of the real success stories!!

  2. Congratulations to Mr. Sen, under whose dynamic leadership all this is being made possible.
    People like myself who live outside Bengal and dream constantly of settling down in New Town someday, would be very happy to see the way this place has developed over the last few years. True there are issues regarding connectivity and markets , but we had similar issues in Salt Lake in the 80s
    Keep up the good work, Mr. Sen !